Pew Research is an American Think tank organization.  Their website provides a valuable tool for Students wanting to learn more about Hispanic culture in the United States.  Pewhispanic provides excellent research material. Students may predict how American influence is changing Spanish culture and Language.  Students may also evaluate and explore how they may handle the influx of the Hispanic population differently if they were in charge of the United States.  This resource may be used to increase knowledge of such topics as Hispanic demography, economics, and finance, immigration, politics, and social change.  The site is found here:

FORVO Spanish words pronounced by native speakers…

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FORVO is a wonderful free technology used for pronunciation.  There are some significant differences between Spanish speaking countries when it comes to word pronunciation.  FORVO has native Spanish speakers from many countries.  Their are recordings of   native speakers saying many different words in their lexicon.  This is a really cool way to have students compare and contrast varying pronunciation differences between different Spanish speaking countries. This is a great tool for a student to analyze contrasting Spanish speaking styles.  It may be found here: