Spanish Teacher Blogs

This is a site where Spanish teacher, Jeremy Jordan, can organize and reflect on his thoughts as a teacher. He blogs to understand the evolution of his teaching and the lessons he has learned as an educator.

Mother and teacher, Karen , created her blog to help her teach her kids and also maintain her own language skills. Most recently, she is focusing on building a curriculum for her children at the third and seventh grade level. She blogs to share what she has found to be valuable and to provide resources for adult learners.

Blogger and Spanish middle school teacher from Pennsylvania, Lisa, blogs in order to share “Lessons Learned” in class and technology adventures with her students. In addition, she blogs to track her own professional development (an idea suggested by a colleague). She even mentions teaching a Web 2.0 class, her favorite from her Master’s program.

I feel that in doing a blog I will be able to reach out to my students and colleagues via another avenue.   I’m rather excited about the idea of having this platform to both express myself and utilize the web to enhance my work as an educator.

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